Edens Zero Chapter 221 Review – Back In the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Dance

Universe 0. What do I even have to say about it? Truth is, this arc is certainly shaping up to be one of the weirdest directions to where Hiro Mashima has ever pulled his stories through. Certainly, this is no last-minute decision. With everything that’s been happening since chapter 1, it’s clear that the man has always had this planned to some extent. The Edens crew has suffered a lot in the previous universes they visited – having involved themselves with some of the toughest guys in the Cosmos, it’s nothing short of a miracle that they have survived thus far.

And yet, here they are, at the doors to Universe 0. Officially, this is their one and only chance to save Mother and the entire Cosmos, but underneath that lies the possibility for the crew to have their bad circumstances in life shifted to the better. Thus, our journey starts again, in the very same cherry blossoms filled sky we were once at.

Shiki is yet again a boy living in this machine filled planet, day to day enjoying his life while ensuring his android friends can live. And Rebecca is still Rebecca. She’s an aspiring bcuber, strangely drawn to this different looking star. And once again, just like it happened in every possible universe, the gravity pushing these two together works wonders. Shiki’s desire to be friends with this girl somehow rekindled the memories of the many, many different adventures they shared together. It doesn’t matter which world it is, these two are bound to be together.

And again, our journey begins once more. I still have my few reservations about Universe 0’s existence, but I’m still hopeful and eager to see where this is all going. It’s the same old crew and the same characters I’ve come to love, so who knows, the little twist to their story might be interesting to see play out.

Best Part: The Shicca energy is real.

Worst Part: Maybe one more chapter of them not knowing each other would elevate it.

Chapter Score: 4.5/5


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