Edens Zero Chapter 195 Review – Fictitious Story

How to outsmart the outsmarting. The confront between Hermit and Killer continues with both androids now in their respective Overdrive forms and at the Edens Spa, Sister finds a soaking Clown poisoning the bath waters while threatening to eliminate the Life of Edens. One more to the list of "images you shouldn't show non-animanga fans … Continue reading Edens Zero Chapter 195 Review – Fictitious Story

Ao Ashi Episode 10 Review

With Spring Break on the horizon, a great portion of the Esperion Youth players part away home and the rest of the more unfortunate have no choice but to spend their days at the dorm - and Ashito, who's been assigned with a rather difficult task by coach Date, begins to drive himself into a corner.

Ao Ashi Episode 9 Review

In many ways, this was the most fun I had while watching Ao Ashi so far - maybe it's because of my mood (which has been made much better knowing we're having 24eps!) but I know that whenever a story can treat its subject matter with sheer excitement, that feeling is passed on to its audience.