About Otaku Space

Suppose you’re navigating through the seas of the vast ocean known as the internet, arrive at the Grand Line and stumble at this place. Or you’re simply braking you’re way through space, planet to planet, until you arrive here. Anyway, you’d be probably asking “where the heck am I?” and then, dear reader, I shall gift you with the answer because you’ve arrived at “Otaku Space!”

Why the Four Shinning Stars? They’re amazing and you should be reading Edens Zero.

“Otaku Space,” as the name implies, is a blog where otaku related content takes the top priority. Here are regulars like the weekly Edens Zero and Black Clover weekly chapter reviews but also seasonal posts like reviews for any anime I’m watching and feel like writing about. Theories, rankings, lists, and every other fun topic I can think about are also featured here.

Of course, you can also suggest content in the Contact section (guest posts are also open for discussion) so if you’d like those, make sure to check that page.

With that said, I hope you can enjoy the content I put here. Thank you so much for the support, and…

Have an amazing day!