Black Clover Chapter 304 Review – Reality and Magic

The fun is here to drive your attention away from the bullshit. But it failed.

So Gaja is alive, afterall. And even if the love confession was cute and all, it didn’t erase the fact that the way in wich he was “resurrected” (they say cured) was pure bullshit. But more on that in the opinion section.

Then I realize Asta has been touching more naked ladies than me.

Following her defeat, all of Megicula’s curses start to vanish, including the one that made Lolopechka a ticking time-bomb devil. When this happens, she awakes naked in Asta’s arms, and from this situation, all of the Black Clover humor you can expect ignites: both of them are embarrassed, Noelle punches Asta (twice, lol) out of jealousy and even Nozel participates in the funny moment.

It’s been quite a while since we had something to laugh about.

When we shift to Charlotte and Rill, my favorite moment in the chapter happens. Rill apologizes to her for the fact that in the end he couldn’t paint the “ultimate picture”, wich would be all of them being alive in the end. Charlotte thanks him for his actions that made it possible for her to fight again, and is only grateful that they were able to defeat Megicula.

Lolopehecka also reunites with Gaja, but he soon disappears because you know, he used all of his life force to attack Megicula and was only alive due to Rill’s spell. Being seriously injured, both Magic Knight Captains collapse, along with Gaja, and even though Lolopechka tries to cure them using Water Recovery Magic, it ultimately fails, leaving all of the left standing mages in despair.

Her neck and face are looking strange in here.

Suddenly, Nacht appears from the shadows, and surprise surprise, brings with him Mimosa, who is able to cure everyone using Ultimate Plant Magic. Nacht is impressed by how much stronger they’ve got and Nozel vows to save Yami.

Zenon will be ripping apart their necks.

Now that there’s only one Dark Triad member left, we switch to short before Megicula was defeated to Langris and Yuno fighting against Zenon. Both of them seem to be having a pretty hard time against the mage in 100% Devil Possession Mode, but Yuno asks Langris to buy him only 3 minutes so he can deliver his ultimate move.


So this chapter pissed a lot of people because no one died in this fight. I myself don’t have the same complaints, as I don’t think every series has to kill off their characters in order to be good. If Tabata-sensei enjoys drawing his characters and doesn’t want to kill them, I’m all in for it, as long as it makes sence.

Interesting… in this world we simply call it an asspul.

What got me pissed instead is the fact that Gaja was a complete death fake out. Unlike with Rill and Charlotte, Gaja had a whole moment dedicated to his departure; and even though his sacrifice didn’t do much, it had an emotional punch to it that was completely destroyed today. And while I can see that his death would bring a “heavier” tone to the aftermaths of this arc, it isn’t like he’s the most relevant presence in the story. So bottom line, I hate this moment due to the fake-out in previous chapters. It even killed a significant part of this battle, wich is sad.

Moving on, the moment shared between Rill and Charlotte was just good. I don’t know how to exactly explain, but it was so tender, even mature in some degree. Both of them witnessing the results of their efforts and accepting that they’re going to die, even though they don’t really want to. It was really amazing. I hope more interactions between the two of them happen in the future. This battle has definitely brought the two of them closer.

Dante was fun and so was Vanica. Megicula managed to keep things interesting for a month and half. How will Zenon hold himself against Yuno? In the Dark Triad, he is the colder and most straight foward one. If he gets a chance to kill Yuno or Langris, he won’t waste it.

Random, but I wonder if Langris is going to have an heroic redeeming death in this arc.

But what interests me the most about their confrontation is something regarding their personalities: both Yuno and Zenon have shown to be very practical individuals. Where those surrounding them fight for amusement, their feelings, or anything else, both of them are only focused on their final goals, deciding to ignore everything else. But this time, Yuno is carrying the weight of the deaths of half of his squad and the desire to save William. And while Zenon may not have so much in stakes, he has fought Yuno in the past and this may make things more personal for him. But more on the battle when it actually happens.

And in a final note, does this mean all of Megicula’s curses have been dissolved? If so, is Henry for example, free from his curse? I hope we get further explanation in this.

Anyway, a chapter with good singular moments, and if not for the death fakeout, would be much more enjoyable.

Comment below your thoughs and thank you for reading this.

Best Part: Rill and Charlotte’s little big moment.

Worst Part: Albeit liking the characters, death fake outs kill a significant part of the tension in future events and worries about their destiny in the end of a though conflict.

Chapter Rating: 3/5

Does he means anything big? Or is he just impressed? I hope it’s the first.

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