Edens Zero Chapter 222 Review – A Happy World

I had a lot to say, I sewar. But those final pages…. those damn final pages. I lost it, Mashima-sensei. You’ve won me over again, and I hand it to you. The game is completely yours now.

In the road that is the Universe 0, we are already offered a view on the way things are going to work out here. More or less, anyway. So, unlike the other universes, Shiki has a feeling this one is setting things up in a way that the crew has a better chance to be happy. And so, now that he’s reunited with Rebecca and Happy, they plan to set on a journey to get all of their friends. But how do you do it? Their first thought is, of course, to prevent the robots from pretending their going berserk and instead letting Shiki part in good terms. To their surprise, Ziggy has already taken measures creating a device that recycles the Ether, so much so that the bots in Granbell still have a warranty to live for another 1000 years.

And yeah, pretty nice for them, especially since we do get a super sweet scene where Shiki promises to be back once he finds Mother and saves the Universe. The bots in Granbell had a very small role, but it was very impactful to the story, so it’s a nice detail to have them survive here. And to make things better, Ziggy has left a present for his grandkid: the very own Jet-Black Wings that soar across the cosmos, the very own Demon King’s Warship, in its all gigantic glory, the Edens Zero. Once they’re done bidding their goodbyes, they set courses to the planet where the earth falls, Norma.

And Good Lord… oh, I don’t even have the words. Once Shiki sits in the throne of the ship, Witch Regret, the Shield of Edens, the Mom of Edens, awakens to welcome the Demon King. Of course they burst into tears! Of course, we burst into tears! That was beautiful! If Witch were to ever make a comeback, could she ever get a better one than this? Witch is alive, and there’s ain’t no way we’re getting the final arc without her presence. It’s just as Shiki said: you’re forbidden to die again, Witch.


Worst Part: None.

Chapter Score: 5/5


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