Edens Zero Chapter 197 Review – Confidence

Mashima-sensei, I owe you a huge apology. As Sister gets devoured by the creature summoned by Clown, the Death of Edens heads to the Code 3173 door to reach out to Etherion, to fullfil yet another task issued by Ziggy. Back to the corroded arena where Homura was seemingly dead, we flashback 15min to her … Continue reading Edens Zero Chapter 197 Review – Confidence

Ao Ashi Episode 12 Review

This was a great conclusion to the first cour. All of the main conflicts have been dealt with (namely, Ashito's incapacity to understand football as a sport requiring more than one player and the animosity between the promoted and tryout players) and the ep itself was strong. Since its premiere, this has been a very … Continue reading Ao Ashi Episode 12 Review

Edens Zero Chapter 195 Review – Fictitious Story

How to outsmart the outsmarting. The confront between Hermit and Killer continues with both androids now in their respective Overdrive forms and at the Edens Spa, Sister finds a soaking Clown poisoning the bath waters while threatening to eliminate the Life of Edens. One more to the list of "images you shouldn't show non-animanga fans … Continue reading Edens Zero Chapter 195 Review – Fictitious Story

Ao Ashi Episode 10 Review

With Spring Break on the horizon, a great portion of the Esperion Youth players part away home and the rest of the more unfortunate have no choice but to spend their days at the dorm - and Ashito, who's been assigned with a rather difficult task by coach Date, begins to drive himself into a corner.

Ao Ashi Episode 9 Review

In many ways, this was the most fun I had while watching Ao Ashi so far - maybe it's because of my mood (which has been made much better knowing we're having 24eps!) but I know that whenever a story can treat its subject matter with sheer excitement, that feeling is passed on to its audience.