Edens Zero Chapters 226/227 Review – Sea God & Power and Body

As the crew heads to Belial Gore, Mosco takes care of Illega, assuring that the women the giant frog captured are freed. Homura’s is one of concern, really making me put into question just what kind of life she’s had in here, seeing how this one is so different from the Homura we know. And the worst part? My girl got almost no lines.

When arriving at BG, the crew suffers an ambush in the hands of the Element 4 because Sister sent a message Draken Joe announcing their arrival. Handicaps, right? Hahaha, so funny. Anyway – we have our official matches up of the Universe 0! Weisz vs. Fie, Rebecca vs. Daichi and Sister vs. the Rutherford siblings. The latter is tad more concerning because the truth is that in this world, Kleene still has got her emotions. Meaning that their parents are probably, Muller never forced her to watch Jinn being dismembered, and as you can guess, there’s a whole ton of different questions this development rises. But while this situation with the Rutherford siblings is shocking, it pales in comparison to what is revealed next: replacing Laguna, in this world, Emperor Nero is the one posing as the element of water in Draken Joe’s team. Just why? I really don’t have the loosest clue. I’m really captivated by the developments in Uinverse 0, but the truth is I’m definitely bound to stay dumbfounded for a while. Shit ain’t making no sense!

The next chapter, “Power and Body,” kicks in and well, its tittle is pretty self-explanatory. The amount of Ether power Shiki has gained is too much for his body of three years ago to hold – the same is true for Rebecca and Weisz, thus causing them to give a poor performance in their fights. They have to figure out a way of countering that because in this world, there are no do-overs. If they get captured by Draken, it’s game over for them. Meanwhile, Nero reveals that he’s retired the throne to give space to the new emperor. It turns out that it’s this universe version of Shura, but for the Aoi Cosmos, the situation seems to be of oppression again because none other than Laguna Hurset is leading the fight against the emperor.

I’ll confess it here. These two have been pretty hard to review. The main issue I’m having here is trying to make sense of anything happening here because, frankly, it doesn’t. I confess that following the same exact route of the previous world would be a boring way to approach the endless possibilities of universe 0, but at the same time I’m not so sure I can accept the changes. See, too much happened in these 220 chapters. To see it all overwritten is just a lot to take. But I’m not jumping the gun too quickly here, so I’ll just wait and see. In the meantime, let’s just try and make some guesses of what’s about to happen. I really don’t have that much to say here, honestly. Let’s hope chapter 228 can change the tides a bit more.

Best Part: The crew is about to snap.

Worst Part: Just what the hell is happening in Universe 0.

Chapter 226: 2/5

Chapter 227: 2.5/5

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