Edens Zero Chapter 223 Review – Memory and Abilities

So the Universe 0 thingy continues, and now that Witch is back, the crew sets off to Norma. But before that, of course, we get small setups about Rebecca – but whenever the Edens Bath is involved, concentration becomes a concept foreign to our brains.

Witch is told the story of what happened in the last three years, as well as why the crew traveled three years back to Universe 0. She, of course, also decides to join the mission to save the cosmos and sets on an adventure with her friends again, but Shiki puts a high emphasis on why she can’t die anymore. Bath time, very distracting shots – of course, Mashima-sensei wouldn’t resist the urge to gift us some juice Witch panels after this whole time he couldn’tdraw the Steel Sorceress. And with Rebecca, we get a few nice callbacks to the first few chapters – but more important than anything else is the fact that Rebecca’s Ether activates out of control again in the spa. And look, this is looking premium suspicious. Sure, Cat Leaper may have lost (or limited? Who knows) its abilities to leap from one Universe to another, but Rebecca still got her Ether, and her Ether is pretty powerful. Not only did it send Shiki/Ziggy 20,000 into the future, but it was comprised and conserved for several years even after her body was lifeless and created Etherion. I suspect we don’t know the full picture yet about what is beyond Rebecca’s Cat Leaper, as I’m sure there’s much more to the Saintfire clan but for now, I’ll give it a rest. At least, knowing Witch is back gives me hopes to see the Chrono Witch plot going somewhere.

Anyway, sweet bindings and nice bodies aside, we finally part ways to Norma where our mission is to find Weisz and Pino. It’s pretty much the same here except a) Weisz’s mom is alive, and b) much of what happened to the Sibir arc is skipped, since we do not have to put up with the Weisz’s introduction stuff now. This opens some interesting possibilities, especially when it comes to Draken Joe’s existence and role in the story and this extends to Cure as well, who was revealed to be the guy pulling the strings all along (God, I wish to forget this is a thing). Well, I’m sure we’re gonna get to that once time is due, but for what we have now, once Weisz and Pino reunite, they get their memories back. And yes, that means Wiesz realizes just how lucky he is to have his mother alive and, of course, gives her the hug he couldn’t for so many years.

I always found it weird for them to not have many more moments together. I think their chemistry is much better than Pino’s with Shiki.

It is flowing nicely. I’m digging what’s happening. It’s been a long time since I last felt like the characters were genuinely happy and having a good time, and I’m seeing a lot of that in here. And to be honest? The Edens Crew deserves a break. They have endured so much, and so fast, they deserve this small time before the final battle. That said, in my end, I still hold some worries, like about the fact that this universe is seemingly designed so they can all be happy – but to which extent is that going to be true? Which one of the cremated is gonna be the one to have the shittiest outcome of them all? Of course, this is not a guarantee, as things could turn out for the best to everyone but there is always a possibility in the horizon – and to be fair, a few twists here and there to shake things up a bit would be nice. And if they’re jumping from arc to arc, getting their crew mates back, how the hell are they gonna get Couchpo, Labilia, and Connor? I, for one, wouldn’t mind if they got left behind…

Best Part: Weisz and Irma reunited – Pino was cute, too.

Worst Part: None.

Chapter Score: 3.5/5


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