Vinland Saga 2 – Episode 1 Review

Good Lord in Heavens, what was that?! Dear God, what were those 25 minutes, for real? Vinland Saga has always been exceptional since the get-go, sure, but the change from WIT to MAPPA was always bound to create some uneasiness. Gladly, the fact the main staff returned to helm this project ignited a sense of hope, but now, finally watching it, I can see why they were so hyped about it. That was simply phenomenal, no matter the way you decide to put it.

I’ll address the elephant in the room so we can get past it: it doesn’t hold the same visual impact as it did under WIT. That isn’t to say it doesn’t look good because that would be a huge insult to what we got in the premiere but man, the direction… oh, the direction! Every choice made enhances the story so much. This is a wonderful example of the “show, not tell” rule, and I’m so excited to witness the staff delivering their best under different conditions. Truly the GOATS.

Anyway, the story, right? So we’re no3 presented to Einar, a young man living as a farmer in Northern England, together with his mother and younger sister. Their land has been a victim of attack from the vikings, one that had it heavily destroyed and took their father’s life and now, in fear of similar circumstances playing out again, Einar devotes himself to train so he can protect his family – noble as it it, a foolish dream, seeing how ruthless the vikings are when destroying the places they come across. Indeed, they do so, claiming the lives of both the mother and Einar’s sister in the process, leaving the young lad to be shipped as a slave.

Time passes ever since, every second robbing Einar of his desire to live. Trying to escape is no use either, seeing the easy with how he’s made hostage again and the harsh reality of having no place to come back. By a streak of destiny, he is lucky to come across Leof Erickson, who’s looking for Thorfinn. On the same day, he is bought by Ketil, a farmer who so happens to hold Thorfinn and as it turns out, when he finally gets a taste of having a desire to live, he comes across Thorfinn working in the same farm and certainly, it’s no coincidence, as both men’s destiny is bound to be more tangled than we now think.

Oh, this is gonna be great. I tend to have a hard time with historical anime, if I’m being honest, but Vinland Saga’s superb storytelling and the way it got phenomenally translated into motion by WIT have captured me ever since the first season aired. Simply put it, I love it. I didn’t think I could ever be more excited about the second season, but after this… oh boy. Knowing this is gonna be double coured is a delight, and you can expect me to review it every Tuesday.


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