Tsurune: Tsunagare no Issha – Episode 2 Review

If you asked for my honest opinion about the second season of Tsurune, based on its two first eps – wich isn’t a lot, honestly – I’d say it is currently a safe place. Much of what’s happening to the Kazemai boys is showing how they love for Kyudo shapes their characters, and while some seeds of plot seem to be spread around the corner, the season is still playing much of its game in the safe zone. This is not a critique, mind you. After all, Tsurune excels whenever Kyudo is the topic in matter, and seeing how Minato has come to piece with sport, especially, is a great joy to witness.

The most different trend I notice here is how some of the side characters are receiving a bit more attention compared to the last season. I think that’s natural considering the amount Kazemai already got and that this being the regionals, it doesn’t weigh as much importance, so if any time is good to have them rather sidelined, this couldn’t be any more suited. Surprisingly, one of the annoying twins gets attention with his recently developed target panic receiving some light, as he decides to step down from the team. Who also gets much needed attention is Shu, but so far, his story resumes to him being a rich kid living with his younger sister and butler (no sign of parents around). His conflict isn’t that big, as it seems his struggle is about how people idolize him, forgetting he’s still a person. If I had to guess, I’d say this is what bonded him and Minato together and probably will play some part with the newcomer Nikaido.

Anyway, the regionals kick off, and from the get-go, Kazemai has a great start, proving their win was no fluke whatsoever. There is also Shu’s younger sister, who probably went to watch against his wishes and, of course, Nikaido, who’s revealed to have had a past with Minato, back in their Kirazaki days. His team certainly presents itself as being much more aggressive than Kirasaki ever was to Kazemai, but considering the rather calm vibe of the show, I doubt they’re going to be that much hostile to Kazemai. It’s pretty much of the same where Tsurune is concerned, but I’d be a huge liar if I said that what’s happening doesn’t interest me much.


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