Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 9 Review

As of this ep, we’re in the final strech of Mob Psycho 100. Like may of you (I believe), I’m having quite the difficult time here – it’sa mix of bith excitement and bittersweetness. This is a story I confess I never expected to acre about so much, but I’ve come to love Mob Psycho 100 a lot. Likewise, I adore Mob, and the ep does its job into making sure this show is about him – the whole season, in fact, has been focused on showcasing how much our little man has grown. Start to finish this has been a wonderful tale of adolescence and Mob couldn’t be more of a perfect character to illustrate that. There’s just a whole lot I enjoy about him. Part of that (I confess) is because I see a lot of myself in Mob, especially when I was navigating through the same seas he is right now. It took me a much longer time to finally come to peace with myself, so imagine the joy that is watching Mob’s journey; through the people he found who love him and whom he loves back, he became able to accept his powers, find a meaning to them, and more important, to be the main character of his life in the best way he can: by being himself.

It feels incredibly natural that the final arc would be kick-started by his resolve to confess to Tsubomi. This is something the Mob in season 1 would never be able to do but now with everything he’s lived, he’s ready to put it all on the line.

And to be honest with you… I was panicking through the whole ep, too! Most of us have been there and it was like a dejà vu watching that whole sequence unfold, especially because like Ritsu I too was worried about Mob – but in the end I resorted to Reigen’s attitude, deciding to cheer him with the best I could (weird, I lnow – but let me enjoy an anime that brings me genuine joy, please). And thankfully for Mob, things work out great becausehe’s got the support from all of his people – the Body Improvement Club powers his muscles, Tome at the Brain Wave advices for a haircut but it’s finally Mezato who puts him asking the important question – why does he like Tsubomi. And boy, does he gets on thinking – it’s a no-ending spiral that ends up affecting even his work, culminating with Reigen’s golden advice (not without his “Reigen being Reigen,” presented in him copy pasting a list from the internet) – he should be himself. Otherwise, what value would it have when he wants to build a deep relationship with her?

Ritsu in the other is wayyy more worried about his brother here. The thing is, generally kind people such as Mob seem to lack the discerning capability and come off as pretty naive. Me personally, I think that comes from the way they perceive emotions – they’re honest about what they feel to the point where it seems like the slightest thing is enough break them – on the other hand they can be powered up by every little thing in life. I love this moment because while he can’t prevent whatever the result might be from happening, he still genuinely worries for the safety of his brother’s heart. Brotherhood power emanating, lads.

Another sequence I feel like highlighting is the phone call. It’s just that the whole scene is so well orchestrated… the awkwardness that is the moment when his mom arrives, the constant walking back and forth resulting from the anxiety the moment brings, the sole talking perspective being placed in Mob, Ritsu genuinely worrying… beautiful, Bones. One more to the win. And while I do wish that Mob could get his gal, I’m more curious about what the outcome of this will be. Like, imagine he doesn’t get to be with Tsubomi the way he wants to; how will he react to this? How can he move on from it? But it seems none of this matters because-

Truck-kun strikes again. Mob is hit by a car after saving a cat AND a little boy (people, please, let’s not use our headphones, earbuds or whatever cover your ears while walking on the street). Damn. I’m beyond worried about it but it’s not like ONE would kill him off, right?! It isn’t, right?! Anyway, what I’m most worried about now is how the people will react to this. And how big will the implications of the accident be for Mob and for the direction the story is taking now? 3 eps left, and I’m real excited to see it through to end. If everything goes the way the preview is showing – and I have zero reasons for doubt, mind you – we could be in for one the greatest conclusion to anime in recent years.


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