Mob Psycho 100 III – Episode 8 Review

We’re in for the final arc of Mob Psycho 100, folks. Game over. One of the best franchises to have come in the last decade is finally bidding us goodbye, but not before without gracing us with what is perhaps the weirdest interlude in recent anime history.

Story wise, I’m guessing it all boils down to the relationship between these characters and how much of a dependable person Mob has become. It’s a 22min course of superb character interactions, appreciating the journey that would take them to their destination. Destination that I confess to still be bemused – the Mob world is weird, sure (curses, spirits and psychic powers – anyone?) but there really are freaking alliens in the universe of this show.

The whole scenery is fantastic, but then, I admit I do lqck the words to describe it all. Like I said, it’s one of these strange eps where I guess you’re only supposed to be a spectator to the action being played (or blame it on me having watched it almost 2 weeks ago, your call)… and I would be doing a true disservice by robbing you of your precious time with meaningless words. In the end, I appreciate the ep for what it is. A fantastic stand-alone adventure that showcases the evolution of these characters’ relationship and bonds while still managing to show how much Mob has grown; a spectacle depicting how large that world is, and how much we don’t know about it (not that it really matters, but still…) and more importantly, since this is an anime adaptation, a full-on display of how much of a passion product this is to the staff. Like, seriously. Everything about it is so meticulously done and detailed and so pretty to look at. 19 minutes if it have been uploaded to sakugabooru – but then again, I’m not one to speak of animation. Instead of boring you, I’ll leave @SakugaRelux’s twitter thread about the production notes for this ep. Hakuyu Go, you’re a hell of a director, and let’s keep it strong for the final arc.

This omake, it will always… exist.

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