Edens Zero Chapters 217 & 218 Review – Father, Mother and Daughter/Saintfire

Here’s a heart-to-heart: I’m real pissed that we’ve been robbed from the aftermath of the Lendard War. I’m always irritated whenever manga decides to skip and just narrate everything and leave it a that. Granted, Xiaomei is the narrator so I guess there’s no much helping, but still, that’s low, man. How is it fair that we do not get to experience what the characters are feeling after such an arc? Why do we have to be told about it, and not see for our own eyes? Cheap trick, Mashima-sensei. In fact, thinking about it I can see that there’s a bunch of stuff that irritates me about this chapter. Honestly, the only salvageable thing might be Homura’s ass panel but even that goes by a black nail.

We’re back to the Sakura Cosmos (which is kinda lame because we never really explored the quickness Kaede might have had to offer) and the crew is still digesting the events of the war. Except we don’t see them actually doing it because WE SKEPT OVER A FREAKING WEEK (no Jinn and Laguna either) and that’s that. A shame Holy didn’t join the crew but in insight, this saves her from becoming background art like what happened to the poor elemental trio since joining the crew. And don’t get me started on Labilia and Couchpo, because I still can’t understand why the crew would keep two non-combatants on a ship that is always involved into trouble. They have no function whatsoever! They were almost killed by an sentient machine! If they never expressed real desire to reach Mother, why the heck are they still aboard? Ugh. Back to the grind anyway, we have to deal with… Connor. If you read my reviews you know, but if it’s your first time let me tell you something: I don’t like Captain Connor. He’s a very annoying character who’s robbing even more panel time from the poor elemental trio. Seriously, I hate how Mashima gives way more focus to this guy than the Draken soldiers turned good. But then again, it’s his manga, so what do I even do.

Rebecca and Connor have a creepy relationship. I don’t know how to elaborate on it, so for now? No further comments. It creeps me out. What we’re left with the chapter though is the flashback of the human lives Sister and Clown once had. And that is one in which Sister was one of Dr. Clown’s patients. The most interesting thing about this is Clown mentioning about machines having a heart. Nothing that we hadn’t heard before, but with the now adquired context of the Edens One, every detail is important to pay attention to. One thing I still wonder, though: why the heck did we have to wait so much to see this?

Chapter 218 is much more interesting and miles away better, in my opinion. Rachel is now awake and reveals her own backstory to Rebecca. Turns out she is the daughter of the head family in the Saintfire cult, family this that has all of its daughters being born with time manipulating powers. Why is this so? We don’t know. But we get sexy legs, so who does even care? Anyway, it’s an interesting backstory and I like how Mashima paints Rachel as this believable good mom. She was chased for being in a relationship with an unworthy (my personal choice of wording) man and countless times had to watch both her husband and their daughter die. It came to a point where she exhausted her own Ether becoming incapable of using (what I’m assuming is) Cat Leaper. Damn.

But now she’s finally reunited with her family and can live happily after. Such beautiful writing from Mashima-man. But let’s not forget, we find ourselves at the doors of the final saga. The Yukino Cosmos is coming and hopefully it will be much better than Kaede. Take the Aoi Cosmos world building and mix it together with good plot and we’ll find ourselves winning. And as distasteful as I might have sound, I’m excited to see where this all going. Sure, the inconsistency of the later chapters of the last arc + the week skip + Connor’s creepiness have exhausted me, but I have much more for me to trust in the hands of the legend that is Mashima-sensei. Please, take your time delivering the best conclusion to what is shaping up to become your best work. Please don’t rush it. Please.

Best Part: Rachel’s backstory.

Worst Part: Almost everything about Connor and Rebecca from the 217.

Chapter 217 Score: 2/5

Chapter 218 Score: 4/5

Never ever am I giving up my hopes to see them.

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