Wormhole Collab – Adrift into the Edens Zero World

So this is actually the first time I’m joining this – thanks for opportunity, Scott! I really enjoyed transporting myself into an anime universe I’d like to be a part of – let me explain the prompt to you: “You are a crewmember of the MSN-1702 Mecha Base. One random day while traveling through outer space, the Mecha Base comes into contact with a wormhole. Where does the ship go? Where is the location that you want the MSN-1702 Mecha Base to show up in the entire world of anime, manga, or whatever piece of media you are interested in writing about? When I read the description, damn, I knew it had to be Edens Zero. But why this series in particular? Bear with me please as I take you on short tour of this world.

The early days for this series won me over for something it still shines up on this day: its world building. Thank heavens, the Edens Zero world is freaking cool. You can feel life vibrating from every corner of the space – I love how the universe is divided in cosmoses, with each cosmos featuring its own particularities that make them so unique and fun to explore. If you’re familiar with it, you may share the same feelings I do but in case you don’t, I’ll be describing what makes this universe in particular such an enjoyable one. From here on out, beware of some light spoilers my friends.

Reading through the first chapter of the series, there are a few hints of what exactly is the setting the story takes place in but it isn’t until reaching the en that we get the confirmation about what that really is: in an amazing doublespread, we’re introduced to the Sakura Cosmos, our starting point to our adventure. It’s our standard starting point; the people living there (be it humans, machines or different races of alien beings) live the most similar way to how humans of our real world would do – except everything is so futuristic that we can find upgraded versions of daily systems thanks to Mashima-sensei’s limitless imagination. Political systems are there, with the Interstellar Union Army, Cosmic Government’s main force acting as the authorital law. The baseline is that if you want to go to outter space, you’ll need an adventurer ID that features ranks (S being the top one). To do so, you have to join an adventurer guild, what is basically a Union of people registered but acting as individuals. They literally never interact with each other.

“But what is it that makes this universe stand out?” you ask, and here’s my second point: how the universe functions. See, in this universe every single existing piece of matter contains Ether – it’s present in humans, makes machines work, flows in outter space, give people the ability to use Ether Gear (the series power system), and more important than anything else (for this topic anyway), it gives each and every planet out there its own unique ecosystem. For instance, there’s a planet whose’s Ether runs in a specific way that makes its surface impossible to inhabit, forcing its people to build their futuristic city underground; another where the Ether allows the people to log-in into a videogame; one where chocolate falls in abundance, one where time stands still, and the list goes on! And even in the most common to how our Earth functions, the socio-political organization of its people makes it standout.

Here on out there are spoilers past the anime, so if ep 25 was your stopping point you may want to skip to the final paragraph of this post.

But I can’t end this conversation without talking about my favorite cosmos: the Aoi Cosmos. See, each of the cosmoses borrow their nomenclature from some particularities that bear resemblances to the seasons, and the Aoi Cosmos is perhaps the most well explored in that regard. After crossing Dragon Fall, we go onto our first planet and that is basically a tropiacl paradose to explore. There’s a lot more about this planet to explore which I’ll omit in case you’re curious to visit Edens Zero because well, I’d be getting dangerously close to heavy matters relating to the post but I’ll tell you one thing: the sigh of of the Edens Zero crew enjoying a sunset in that spectacular scenery is one I’ll never forget about this story – one that through the use of its environment, encapsulates so much that I love about this story. But this isn’t the only one fact, because there’s also Foresta, a planet that concentrates heavy amounts of forest Ether; there’s Mud Roll, a planet burried in mud; Sandra, a desert themed featuring a marvelous Oasis and the vast amount of planets relating to the ruler of that cosmos – and yes, its political structure is different from the Sakura Cosmos.

At this point in the story, we find ourselves in the Kaede Cosmos, corresponding to Fall. It’s the most unexplored one in terms of different locations, a result of certain events that have happened there but even then, Mashima-sensei manages to make the singular locations an amazing experience. I really wanted to talk about the planet we’re currently in… but I want to leave the joy of discovering it to you.

There’s a lot I had to omit because of spoilers but trust me, this world is a lot fun and enjoyable. How much is there still to be explored? We really don’t know. Anyways, this was my Wormhole pick! What is yours? I’m curious to read. This has been a very fun experience. Can’t wait until the next prompt is up šŸ‘€.


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