Black Clover Chapter 321 Review – Excuses

Still hoping Yuno gets crushed.

Yuno tries attacking Lucifero, but just like everyone else who came before him, his attempts prove to be useless. The perspective then shifts to Sekke, and it’s basically a self-realization monologue, where he finally accepts his own disappointment in himself for not trying to be stronger, like Asta did.

We skip to a nervous Mimosa healing Asta in the midst of the chaos. Her desire was to flee with him so they could get a better chance of survival, but due to Asta’s request, she’s restoring his body so he can fight again, as a true Magic Knight would. Finally,a beat up Asta rises up and even after everything he went through,he decides to face Lucifero again.


If you’re a fan of Asta, I’m sure this chapter reasoned with you. A lot. And I, am also one of you. I don’t know, it is just that his journey to become the Wizard King has always been so nice to follow. Sure Asta has had much more time to connect with us in that level, but when you look at the other character trying to accomplish that (Yuno) and you just compare how the situations fare to both of them (and the way they deal with), you can’t help but feel that Asta should be at that place. When Julius told them that what took him to that position was merit – you look at Asta and you see that he has a lot of that. He accomplished. Not that the other Magic Knights efforts when fighting are less than what he does or should be overlooked. But damn, that kid deserves his spot on that chair.

Now, I can understand in the narrative the why Tabata-sensei used Sekke to present that perspective of Asta, but I don’t care that much about the character (I enjoy the memes, I swear and his joke isn’t that bad) so for me it’s hard to empathize a lot with him, in this specific moment. But if this is the moment when he decides to grow, I’m all for it. Also, could this all mean he’s going to sacrifice himself for the sake of Asta? I have serious doubts that something like this could happen in Black Clover, but given the considerable amount of focus he got, one always wonders what the next step will be.

Mereleona facing Lucifero? That’s legit pure gold. Even when it’s time for Asta to shine, I’m glad Tabata-sensei doesn’t hold off the respect to Mereleona and what’s been established about her so far. And, Yuno’s there. I’ll save you from my long list of reasons why I dislike the character, but his Star Magic appears to let people stand under Lucifero’s gravity, so why don’t the other Black Bulls (or any other Magic Knight, for that matter) rise and fight? I understand their magic would hardly do anything, but it isn’t just like the Black Bulls to just stand and do nothing. Unless they’re protecting Yami, that is.

A last nitpick would be about the Gravity Magic. So far Lucifero is only standing but characters come and counterbalance his gravity, so I’d be happy if we got more context on how it works. And about what’s coming next,I honestly have no idea of what can happen, and I’ll try to stay away from spoilers, for the next chapter should be read in its all glory. Leave your thoughts in the comments (let’s freak out over it together!) and thanks a lot for reading this. I’ll see you around, so stay safe.

This is perhaps my favorite page of Black Clover. It is simply astonishing. I’m really speechless.

Best Part: Asta rises up to fight.

Worst Part: I’m sorry, Sekke, but you just took too much panel time.

Chapter Rating: 4.5/5

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